We declared June 12, the date that Putin’s government calls “Russia Day,” Free Russia Day. On this day, since the first year of full-scale war, we demonstrate the true Russia.
The aggressor state at war with Ukraine, with the peoples of Russia and with the entire civilized world is trying to declare that it is Russia. But the true Russia is us, not a dictatorship ruled by an illegitimate president. Our values are human rights, freedom of thought and speech, rejection of aggression and repression. We have a consistent anti-war stance and always support Ukraine, which is fighting for its sovereignty.
This year's global action brings together democratic communities of Russians and Russian musicians. Brave talented people, who oppose the dictatorial regime and military aggression with their creativity, will participate in the Free Russia Day events in different countries and cities from June 12 to June 16.
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On June 12, the anti-war resistance in Russia is acting with green ribbons. People take to the streets of Russian cities and place green ribbons with the inscription "For a free Russia" where possible.
In support of these brave free people in the non-free country, we are organizing a worldwide flash mob.
Write "For a Free Russia", or "I speak for those who cannot freely speak in Russia" and the hashtag #FreeRussiaDay on the poster. Use a green ribbon to sign solidarity: attach it to the poster, tie it on your arm, or draw it on the poster. Take a photo, if possible, in an iconic place in your city.
What else can you do:
- during "Free Russia Day" events, tie a green ribbon on your arm or attach it to your clothes and take a photo;
- put the ribbon on the Navalny memorial in your city and take a picture;
- Come up with your way of supporting.
Send your photos to our secure bot, we will publish them on social networks, and at the end of the action we will make a video.
The global action is prepared, coordinated and implemented by the initiative of united Russian activists around the world and is not a project of any existing organization or structure.

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